Modelling to win!

A family game from 5 years old.

  • 55 cards with the names of six objects to be modelled = 330 words
  • 4 tubs of Patarev modelling dough in different colours
  • A one-minute hourglass
  • 1 die
  • 1 playing board

Counters are to be made by the players using Patarev.

Shape objects in less than a minute so that the other players can guess them.

  • 3 to 5 players: individual game
  • 4 to 8 players: team game

Modelling is an activity within everyone’s reach. It helps develop the sense of touch and stimulates creativity through an introduction to sculpting. Modelling also encourages observation, imagination and personalisation of everyday objects. Guessing a shape, also leads to considering all of its synonyms, therefore building vocabulary and working the memory.

Set up the playing board on a flat, clean, table so that all the players can sit around it.
The players, or the teams, take a small piece of coloured dough and make their counters, which they then place on GO. The cards are placed in a pile next to the board.
The first player, or team, is determined by throwing the die. The players, or teams, play in a clockwise direction.

After throwing the die to determine who goes first, that player again throws the die.
They then take a card, and shape the object on the card corresponding to the number of the die.
As soon as they pick up the Patarev, the other players turn the hourglass. They now have just one minute to shape the object with the dough and get the others to guess what it is.
The first player to identify the object and the “sculptor” each throw the die to determine how many steps forward they should move.
Look out! Anyone who throws a 6 must go back 6 steps. For all other throws the player advances as many steps as indicated.
If, when the hourglass runs out, nobody has guessed the object, nobody moves forwards and the next player in turn takes a card and models the corresponding object.

Look out! Depending on the space the player is on when it is their turn, they must:

  • model blindfolded
  • model using only one hand
  • model normally
  • write the word with rolls of dough
  • play again
  • model over their head
  • the “défi” space does not apply to the individual game and is therefore considered as a normal space.

Should the “sculptor” help the other players with a word or by miming the use of the object, he has to go back three spaces. This is also the case if the player:

  • Forgets to apply the constraint as indicated by the space they are on.
  • Is found cheating by modelling another word than the one indicated by the die
  • Helps the other players with gestures.

The winner is the first person to reach the A (Arrival) space.


The teams chose a different sculptor each time who, as above, must get the other players to guess the object within one minute. If they recognise the object, the team throws the die and goes forward the number of spaces indicated.
The rules are the same as those for the individual game with the exception of the

  • “défi” space: all teams model at the same time and only the first team throws the die to go forward on the board..

The winning team is the one that reaches the A (Arrival) space first. *For children under 8, we advise doubling the time.

In order to maintain the texture of the dough, at the end of each game, hold each one under running water for 2 seconds, and then knead it to rehydrate it. Place it back in its tub and make sure the lid is on securely. Do not mix the colours during a game, except for making the counters that can be kept and reused for later games. In the event that you do not follow this advice, new tubs of Patarev can be purchased at your toy or arts and crafts retailer. Not suitable for children under 3 due to the presence of small pieces.

This game has been developed from an original creation by Agnès Quintin, who received the Creator of Games gold cup in 1998. For all information or claims, please contact:
Sentosphère, 59 boulevard du Général Martial Valin, 75015 PARIS.
Tel: 01 40 60 72 90 – Fax: 01 40 60 73 04.



 Shape, knead, stretch and model and get the others guessing…Patamania, you’ll be in stitches every time you play!